HawkID Tools

Change Your Password

Use this tool if your password is about to expire.

Expired or Forgotten Password?

Use this tool if your password has expired or if you have forgotten your password.

Test Your Account

Use this tool to verify your HawkID password/passphrase is correct.

Look Up Your HawkID

Use this tool if you don't know your HawkID.

Unlock Your Account

Use this tool if you have locked your account by entering your password/passphrase incorrectly too many times.

Invite a guest to create a HawkID

Use this tool to invite a guest, collaborator, contractor, or other external user who needs to access University of Iowa systems to create a HawkID.

Duo security logo Manage Your Two-Step Login with Duo Account

Use this tool to add a new phone, enable the Duo Mobile app for push notifications, or generate backup codes.

Set UNIX/Linux Login Shell

Use this tool to set your default login shell on HawkID integrated UNIX/Linux systems.

HealthCareID Tools & Information

HawkID account logoHealth Care users can set their HawkID password/passphrase here: HealthCare/HawkID Password Set Tool.

Healthcare account logoInformation and tools for managing your HealthCareID are available on the HealthCareID Solution Center.

Additional HawkID Information

UI Service Accounts

UI Service Account users will need to continue to use the tools below: